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New Issue of The Cresset

The Cresset: A Review of Literature, the Arts, and Public Affairs

Vol. LXXXII, No. 5

Trinity cover

On the Cover: Corey Hagelberg (1983-). Birth of Christ in Bethlehem Steel, 2016.  Woodcut on mulberry paper, AP, 34 × 20 inches (image), 39 1/2 × 25 1/2 inches (paper). Gift of the artist. Brauer Museum of Art, 2017.11.001.

Welcome Back!

The latest issue of the Cresset was published over the summer and features writing from  Valpo’s Agnes Howard, James Old, George Heider, and many other contributors. All content is on our website and listed below.

If you are not currently receiving a print copy but would like to, please let me know. And if you are interested in writing for the Cresset, please be in touch! Our guidelines are here.

Happy reading, and best wishes for the fall semester.

Heather Grennan Gary


All in the Family: Making Over Motherhood for Mutual Flourishing
Agnes R. Howard

The Glory of the Stars: Thoughts on Dreading the New Heaven and the New Earth
Kelsey Lahr

Winesburg and the Whys of Life
Joel Kurz

A Dorothy for the Twenty-First Century: Stranger ThingsThe Wizard of Oz, and Contemporary Dreams of Home
Jennifer L. Miller

How to Hold on Loosely and Know When to Let Go
Thomas C. Willadsen


Dissertation on the Art of Flying
Chris Harold

B. R. Strahan

I’ve Made Plans to Sail
Joshua Alan Sturgill

On Being Asked What Would Jesus Do in IKEA
Matthew Landrum

Any Tree, Incredibly
Jacob Walhout

I May Not Look Anxious
Tania Runyan

Pond Dream
J. T. Ledbetter

Night Holds Its Breath
Kathleen Gunton


In Luce Tua
On the Poets


Mark Lomax II’s 400: An Afrikan Epic

Josh Langhoff

Sara MacDonald and Barry Craig’s The Coen Brothers and the Comedy of Democracy

James Paul Old


In Memoriam, Alma Mater
George C. Heider

All in the Cards
Rebekah Curtis

The Cresset, a journal of commentary on literature, the arts, and public affairs, explores ideas and trends in contemporary culture from a perspective grounded in the Lutheran tradition of scholarship, freedom, and faith while informed by the wisdom of the broader Christian community.It is published by Valparaiso University five times per year.

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