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The Cresset, Vol. LXXXII, No. 1

The Cresset: A Review of Literature, the Arts, and Public Affairs

Greetings from Linwood House!

Need an antidote to the anger, fear, and polarization gripping our country and our world? The Cresset has you covered! Check out the latest issue online. Contributors include Valpo faculty member Nicholas Denysenko and alumni Josh LanghoffCharles Andrews, and Kurt Krueger.

If you are not currently receiving a print copy and would like to, please contact us at And if you are interested in contributing to the Cresset, take a look at the guidelines and please be in touch. I’m glad to answer any questions or discuss ideas.

Happy reading,

Heather Grennan Gary



Essays & Columns


Engaging My Opponent:
Spiritual Healing for Broken Public Discourse

Nicholas Denysenko

“Can Two Walk Together Unless They Be Agreed?”:
Traditions, Vocations, and Christian Universities in the
Twenty-First Century

Caroline J. Simon

Gary Fincke

“A Distinguished Composition of SIgnificant Dimension”:
Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. Reminds Listeners that the Pulitzer Prize for Music Can Go to Exciting and Unexpected Works

Josh Langhoff

Hope and History: Three Views
Peter Dula

The Night the Beatles Came to Church
Kurt Krueger

Addicted Selves
Joel Kurz

Making a Difference
Thomas C. Willadsen




One Time
B.P. Miller

Dove Sta Memoria
Matthew Porto

Responsive Reading of the Sadduceean Creed
David Wright

Desert Parable
Jen Stewart Fueston

Michael Schmidtke

Christopher Lee Miles

How I Saturday in the Suburbs
Bill Stadick

The Night the Pastor’s Wife Loses Her Salvation
Jill Bergkamp

John Fry




Tania Runyan’s What Will Soon Take Place

Reviewed by Nathaniel Lee Hansen

Paul Schrader’s First Reformed

Reviewed by Charles Andrews




In Luce Tua

On the Poets


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