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Save the Date!: LFP Regional Conference

One of the programs of the Lilly Fellows Program is our Regional Conferences.  The LFP provides grants to fund a variety of programs tied to our mission to “to renew and enhance the connections between Christianity and the academic vocation at church-related colleges and universities.”  Regional Conferences, according to our website:

encourage examination of topics of special significance to faculty, administrators, and students at a particular institution or group of institutions, or matters of special intellectual concern to faculty and others in Christian higher education. The focus, character, and constituency of the conference may vary to suit the needs of the applicant, within the general guidelines listed above.

While Regional Conferences can be flexible in topic, “priority is given to applications for programs that connect representatives from campuses within a particular geographical region.”

We have two Regional Conferences coming up in this year and in early January 2016.  The first is Gordon College’s Islam in the Classroom: Challenges and Opportunities of Teaching about Islam in a Post 9/11 World, a one-day conference on September 21, 2015.  For more information on this conference, including speakers, see Gordon’s website.

The second conference will be hosted by Georgetown College in Georgetown, KY January 28 to 29, 2015.  Georgetown College just announced its Save the Date for its up-coming conference, Discerning Academic Vocation in a Contested Religious Tradition. For more information see Georgetown College’s conference website.

Posted by Mary Beth Fraser Connolly

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