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Announcing: Call for Papers, Young Scholars in the Baptist Academy, 2014


Young Scholars in the Baptist Academy 2014

July 15-19, 2014 Regent’s Park College Oxford

The intuition that the world has already or may soon go desperately awry seems to be a commonly accepted theme in both popular entertainment and the academy. Dystopias raise questions about the desperation of our present circumstances and averting the coming crisis or surviving it by adhering to stable values.  As Christian scholars we bear a unique responsibility to challenge our culture and academy by asking “where is God in  the midst of our suffering?” Knowing that “in the Lord  our labor is not in vain” (1 Co 15:58), Baptists profess a personally and socially redemptive hope grounded in the love of God, the incarnation of Christ, and the abiding witness of the Spirit. Alongside faith and charity, the gift of Christian hope especially helps us avoid the errors of despair and presumption alike, enabling us to address the anxieties of our age in a spirit simultaneously given to humility and magnanimity.

The 2014 Summer Seminar of Young Scholars in the Baptist Academy, meeting in Regent’s Park College in Oxford University. We invite 500-word paper proposals from Baptist scholars, whether in Baptist institutions or not, and from any academic discipline that (a) critically examine dystopian visions and (b) reflect upon biblical, ecclesiological, eschatological, ethical, philosophical, sociological, or other theological resources apt for answering the dystopian apprehensions of our age.


Paul Fiddes
Oxford University – Senior Scholar

John Schmalzbauer
Missouri State University – Consultant

Planning Team

Beth Newman (Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond)

Doug Henry (Baylor University)

Brad Creed (Samford University)

Andy Chambers (Missouri Baptist University)

Sheila Klopfer (Georgetown College)

Roger Ward (Georgetown College)


Prospective participants may apply by submitting a 500-word abstract and CV by March 1, 2014. Seminar participants will receive a $1,000 stipend  or qualified travel support, lodging, and meals arranged by Regent’s Park College.

For information contact 

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