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To Everything There is a Season – Martin Marty on Mainline Protestantism

Yesterday, The Christian Century blog posted a contribution by Martin E. Marty on the decline of mainline Protestantism, but really, as his title suggests (“From Declinism to Discovery“) something more is going on.  Marty examines the nature of the rise, decline, and continuation in some form of movements and faiths like mainline Protestantism.  Marty, a historian, takes a long view of the current position of mainline Protestantism and asks his readers to reconsider “decline.”  He says:

You read me wrong, or I have stated things inelegantly, if you think that I think that phenomena which experience decline simply disappear. Just the opposite: historians note how they leave deposits, traces, influences, legacies, or renewable forces that get interwoven into the cultures we now inhabit long after their “decline.”

As always, Marty has something thoughtful to say.  Check out this blog post over at The Christian Century and find out more.

By Mary Beth Fraser Connolly

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