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A Lutheran Vocation: A Cross Post from Feminismxianity

We have a been a little quiet around the Exiles from Eden blog.  Possibly we have all gone fishing for the summer?  Well, if this post from Caryn Riswold over at Feminismxianity will get us back into the blogging, I don’t know what will.  Caryn will be attending the Vocation of a Lutheran College Conference this week which will focus on “Vocation: A Challenge to the Commodification of Education.”  The conference

will explore the uniqueness and value of education for/as vocation in a climate where profitability, careerism, and the commodification of education increasingly dictate expectations of students, pedagogical practices, and institutional decisions. We will also offer opportunities for participants to orient themselves to the idea of “the vocation of a Lutheran college” if they are new to this ongoing conversation.

I bet Caryn will post an update on her experiences. I know I will be following her on Patheos and Twitter to find out.  Will you?

By Mary Beth Fraser Connolly

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