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Women Who Stayed, a Cross Post from Feminismxianity

I just read another thoughtful post by Caryn Riswald over at Feminismxianity.  This time Caryn is commenting on the Women who Stayed with the stabbing victim in London, soldier Lee Rigby.  As ever, Caryn is thoughtful and pushes her readers to consider woman’s nature (gender) as she ponders the horrible tragedy of this terrorist murder.

In this instance, women stayed, attempted provide comfort to the dying, and tried to defuse a potentially more deadly situation than had already occurred.  Caryn points to historical religious roles that women have played – specifically the women who followed Jesus when he was crucified.  My mind turned to my study of American women’s history and I am left thinking of the historical cultural role women have played as caretakers and helpers, whether as those who cared for their community’s sick, prepared their loved ones’ bodies for the grave, or those as Caryn puts it, who bore “witness to … torture and death.”  I am not necessarily a promoter of the idea that women’s roles are determined by their gender and much of the roles that women have played are all too often ascribed to their “nature” as female.  No, I am not here to debate the nature versus nurture argument.  Yet, given this example of women who stayed, what can we learn about connections and communication?  Go see what Caryn has to say about that.

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