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Teaching and the Importance of Reading Literature

We have long been fans of the blog Fantasy Matters here at the LFP and not just because former postdoctoral fellow, Jennifer Miller is one of the editors and chief contributors to it.  (And not because I have also contributed to the blog, although that is nice, too.) No, we enjoy this blog because one can find thoughtful writing on science fiction and fantasy literature, movies, and television programs.

Today, Jen Miller posted an excellent piece on teaching Stephen King’s Under the Dome in her course, Literature of the Public Life, which she teaches at the University of Minnesota this term.  Jen has used King’s text to explore many themes and really get into the details of the novel.  I find her post very helpful, especially as I think about how I would teach a particular text in a history course.  Those who teach a history survey can at times be slaves to a single textbook, but what about using a monograph to explore a particular area of a history?  I find Jen’s insights into teaching helpful.  You might as well!  Go check out Jen’s post and others today!  You can also follow Fantasy Matters on Twitter (@FantasyMatters).


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