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“For I Am With You”

Today’s post is a cross post from Caryn Riswold, who blogs at Feminismxianity at  Riswold was a Postdoctoral Lilly Fellow  from 2000 – 2002.  She is currently Associate Professor of Religion and Chair of Gender and Women’s Studies at Illinois College in Jacksonville, Illinois.   

What if the fundamental problem that we need to work to overcome, that embedded flaw at the core of being human, isn’t mortality? Consider all the ways that we struggle mightily to overcome our mortality – to extend life, transcend our physical limitations, care for others’ most basic physical needs for food and shelter.  Sometimes these are all good and necessary things.

But is this the central human problem?  Mortality? What if, actually, it’s isolation?

What if we reconsider our work and being in the world around the fundamental problem of human isolation?  That what we need more than anything is for someone to be with us.  Not someone to do something for us.  That what we need to do for others in need is be with them.  Be present with them.

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