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Sex, Gender and Christianity: New Book from 2010 Lilly Fellows Summer Seminar

Sex, Gender, and Christianity

The following post comes from Priscilla Pope-Levison, co-editor of the new publication, Sex, Gender, and Christianity.  Pope-Levison is Professor of Theology at Seattle Pacific University.

The laughter from our deck kicked off a robust Lilly Fellows Summer Seminar on Gender and Christianity at Seattle Pacific University during the summer of 2010. Along with daily discussions of sex, gender, and Christianity, we enjoyed happy hours, a weekend on historic Whidbey Island, a trek to Mt. Rainier, sweets and treats at Pike Place Market, and a sunset celebration at the beach. Sex, Gender, and Christianity is the culmination of the hearty esprit-du-corps that emerged throughout this life-changing month.

This book is perfect for the college classroom. Written by seasoned teachers from disciplines typically as distinct as health sciences and religion, literature and marriage counseling, Sex, Gender, and Christianity puts in your hands great articles that provide perfect jumping-off points for rich discussions about topics that matter to students. Where else will you find a book about sex and gender that has quotations from Chaucer, Twitter, Shakespeare, Christian romance novels, the Jewish vow of ‘onah, Sylvia Plath, and Sex and the City—a book whose index on the letter “V” ranges from vampires to the Vatican? This book even contains a brief companion video to generate discussion in small groups and classes.

Sex, Gender, and Christianity creates an atmosphere—sometimes playful, sometimes serious, always rich with intelligent inquiry and historical perspective—that will enliven classrooms, staff meetings, cohorts and cadres that meet on college and university campuses. By using this book, you will offer faculty, staff, students, and administrators an unprecedented opportunity to discuss sex, gender, and Christianity in a shared space—a safe space that allows for honest and transforming conversation.

For an examination copy of Sex, Gender and Christianity, contact James Stock (541) 344-1528, ext 103 or

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